We're focused on all we love that's made and grown 'locally', in our community and yours. Okanagan Wine Book II was released June 2017. Find it here! We are in production with Tarynn Liv Parker's project, The Market Cook. She spent a year cooking from farmers' markets, farmgates and the wild, and has been sharing the journey. Check out the blog (see link above, or find her on instagram @themarketcook). She's culminating the year in a recipe collection, book and journal of the seasons.

The Field Guide Journal

Crab Arancini...

... Starts with good Risotto. This is the most delicious way to use your leftover risotto. We made a fresh...

Nov 05, 2017

Classic Gremolata

You can make gremolata many ways, but the classic recipe comprises these three ingredients; lemon zest, garlic and parsley. It's...

Oct 30, 2017