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Okanagan Wisdom

Getting a place is just the beginning of finding a home. Tarynn gives you all the ingredients to make the Okanagan home, through her lifetime of local experience. She knows the neighborhoods, the history, the people, where to get the best pizza, hire the best designer, drink a beer, hire a contractor, or have a glass of champagne in a helicopter!

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Real Estate that's Real Life

Tarynn established The Field Guide in 2012 to promote the best of Okanagan living, culinary arts, wine, farms and the arts with the goal of everyday good living. HOME is at the very core of The Field Guide mission. If you are looking for a deeper kind of real estate and home search, get in touch. Tarynn can't wait to get to know you, as a real estate client and as a dear Okanagan neighbor.

Meet Tarynn


Tarynn's been writing/speaking about the Okanagan for over a decade. She's newly re-launched the TFG 100 Guides that she's produced yearly, to become your ideal relocation, vacation, and everyday good living tool. Make your HOME IN THE OKANAGAN with us!

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