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The Field Guide is a culinary voice based in the Okanagan British Columbia, and is focused on all we love that's made and grown 'locally', in our community and yours. Our most recent project, Okanagan Wine Book II was released June 2017. For information on where to find it, email us now! We are in full production with Tarynn Liv Parker's new project, The Market Cook. She's committed to a year of shopping from farmers' markets and has been sharing the journey. Check out the blog (see link above, or find her on instagram @themarketcook. The year will culminate in a recipe collection and journal of the seasons.

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Kanazawa Wines Opens on Naramata Bench

Richard Kanazawa

My heart lightened and my inspiration was piqued at the first turn on to the dirt road off of Naramata Road into the property where Richard Kanazawa opened his tasting room just 14 days ago. Go taste beautiful wines, and feel the inspiration in his space, that is somehow both cowboy and samurai in it's simplicity. 

Aug 21, 2016

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