Process, Process, Process - Inside The TFG Atelier

This is our workshop. The principal drive of The Atelier of The Field Guide is process and exploration of all that's Okanagan, to find what is Okanagan Terroir. The burgeoning Okanagan culinary scene (by that we mean farming, cooking, wine growing and making, beer and spirit making) is experimental in nature, taking world traditions, often for the first time, and transforming them through Okanagan terroir, into our own traditions that express our uniqueness. The Atelier looks at these transformations made by the Chefs, Winemakers, Farmers and Artisans that are defining our palate in the world. And what's more, we're getting our hands dirty too.   We're in the Atelier improvising, riffing, and playing with Okanagan's abundance to create some extra special experiences for you come 2017. Please stay tuned.