Field Notes: #2 - Manuella's Peaches

Millions of peaches, peaches for me! And you...

Peaches absolutely are the beloved fruit of all my okanagan summer childhood memories. And there is no peach for me, but the peach that's in-season from the orchard nearby. 

So, when they are in season I eat them, use them, give them and adore them as much as possible. 

A couple of weeks ago my dear friends Jamie Maw and Manuella Farnsworth - each as 'lovely as a peach' - visited for a sunday barbeque. With us all contributing to the potluck Manuella brought her famous peaches... a bunch of momofukus we all were, I'll say...   

We loosely share the recipe:



Go to your nearest Farm stand or if it's market day, hit up a local Okanagan Farmers' Market like Penticton's or Kelowna's or any others, unless you've got some fantastic local peaches already. Make sure they are ripe. No cheating. In this flat we had some nectarines too, both are great.

Turn on the barbeque around 40 minutes before you plan to eat.

Cut the peaches in half, remove the pit, and grill them naked on a hot grill until they get a little char, warm to the centre, and soften up a touch more. Around 6 minutes. Take them off the grill. Do this ahead of any quick grilling meats. ( You know, personal size servings of burgers, hot dogs, fish or steaks) unless you have a longer roast cooking on the grill, then throw them in alongside.



Get out your favourite blue cheese, we suggest King Cole from Upper Bench Winery and Cheesery.

Fill the pit divot with the blue cheese. You don't need to pack it, just spoon it or crumble it in there.

Get out your best prosciutto sliced nice and thin. We suggest you find some good sliced-to-order Prosciutto di Parma from Penticton or Kelowna's mediterranean market unless you can get a hold of some locally raised and cured prosciutto. Try Salted Brick in Kelowna.

Loosely lay your prosciutto on the cheese-y peach mound, then once the rest of dinner is moments from ready, put your peach halves back on the barbeque until you see the fat of the prosciutto start to melt and become more transparent. 



 Then you'll know they're ready for your serving dish or straight on to your guests plate!



Another highlight - it's alarmingly quick and easy with lots of kudos to you for a delicious meal addition. You'll enjoy your barbeque, and not break a sweat, just like Manuella, chilling here beside some Okanagan sundry-ing cherries we started a day before. 



Tarynn Liv Parker

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