Field Notes #5: Loewen does Gypsy Jazz

Woody Allen movies, Paris, Mimosas, French 75's, Saint Germain des Pres, sounds and images from the time of Duke Ellington. These things come to mind for me the moment I hear the tones of a Django Reinhardt jazz tune played out on a Selmer-Maccaferri Guitar. That's a world of awesome to me. But to you it may just be an enjoyable new sound for your event. And that is my point here in this Field Note...

Whatever the case, give Aaron Loewen's Soundcloud a listen, then email him to book his next gig for you. I'm just aching to hear this guitarist playing at your winery event, restaurant event, party or pretty well anywhere else. He's originally from Summerland, and will spend Autumn here until he returns to Montreal.... unless we can keep him here with gigs! Let's try!

I was struck by the deliciously playful yet leisurely Django Reinhardt songs on the Main Street of Summerland where the Sunday Farmers' Market resides. Pure charm. You've got to have it at your fall happening(s).

Aaron's soundcloud link:

and my little instagram video of first hearing Aaron:

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