Knifewear, Kelowna

Japanese knives are super sexy, desirable works of art. They stay sharp longer, are sharper and give that “shoooo” feeling when you breeze through food.

We have re-invented what a kitchen knife store is or can be. We believe that knife buying day should be the best day of your life. With excellent, knowledgeable, knife passionate staff you are in good hands. We have samples knives of every line we carry so customers can “test drive” the knives with the potatoes and tomatoes we have on hand. This is the best way to properly and confidently choose a knife.

Our knives range from fantastic at a great value to the ultra high-end collectables. Prices for individual knives start at $60 and go to $4000.

Performance at Knifewear starts where other knife stores top out. By this I mean that our entry level knives are as good as the best knives in every other knife shop in Canada and we go up from there. We carry knives from 30+ makers, the majority of the knives are handmade by master blacksmiths with hammer, anvil and fire. Many of our knives never leave Japan except to come to Knifewear.

We want people to have the right knife and we want them to fall in love with it. We have shops in Kelowna, Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton.

  • "Test drive" one of our awesome sample knives on tomatoes and potatoes.
  • Get your knives sharpened by hand the Olde Fashioned way. The best way.
  • Because sharp knives rock.
  • See our chef curated cook book selection.
  • A great knife takes the pain out of cooking.
2983 Pandosy Street
V1Y 1W1