the DubhGlas Distillery, Gallagher Lake

Dubh Glas (dugh-luhs) in Gaelic means “from the dark water” and is reflective of the source water used in the making of their feature spirits. A well on the property is where they source their pure ‘dark’ water, which is fed by an underground aquifer. That source water from the ‘dark depths’ has been filtered from the glacial mountain peaks all the way to the Okanagan Valley free of pollutants and surface contamination.  It is also reflective of Grant Stevely, the artisan distiller, who has shared the name in his family for generations.

It’s not just about the whisky at the Dubh Glas Distillery – although it is the first priority. It’s about a passion to create a distillery from the ground up that uses the finest raw products and materials available. From the Canadian barley and select botanicals in Noteworthy Gin, to the cooperage making the whisky barrels, every step of the process has been thoroughly researched before it is used in crafting DubhGlas spirits.

They want to showcase our Dubh Glas products however, they also want to educate customers about the distilling process and highlight everything the world of whisky, gin and spirits have to offer in the emerging Craft Distilling industry.

We think you’ll agree that you will be able to taste their passion in every bottle they produce.