Summerhill Vineyard Walk, a Thanksgiving Tradition and som "Federweisser"

Dear friends and family,
You are all cordially invited to come with us for a walk into the just harvested vineyard to honour one of the most beautiful and meaningful European traditions of thanksgiving on Tuesday morning, October 21st at 10AM here at Summerhill Pyramid Winery 4870 Chute lake Road Kelowna.   We will sip the newly fermented wines and pour a little back on the vines with our heartfelt appreciation.  We will also sample the traditional dish ( and share that with the earth too ) which is a caramelized onion tart. 
This is a tradition that Summerhill co founder and Winemaker Eric Von Krosigk and I have celebrated since our first harvest together in 1990.   Eric, a native of Vernon, learned to love this tradition while he harvested grapes in the Rhine and Mosel regions of Germany for eight harvests while attending Geisenheim University. I shall set forth below his description of the ceremony and you will see why it is such a wondrous opportunity to come and be a part of this truly significant connection between us and our mother, our earth.  
Please join us!  
Love, Stephen, Eric and all The Summerhill Family
"Federweisser" is the main name for the young fermenting wine that is enjoyed with Zweibel Kuchen, the onion pie traditionally served in the vineyard. The part of giving back to the earth is a beautiful sentiment and honours and shows love and respect for the planet. The ceremony itself gives us all a pause to focus on the actual process of creation, by our planet, Mother Earth, by nature itself, it gives us pause to reflect on the many things that are taken for granted, the earth sustaining life as symbolized by this grape vine, creating, over a whole year, beautiful grapes for all to enjoy.  With our human intent we transform these again with the help of  natures yeast into something that makes people dance and old men and women smile. An elixer from the earth, a tonic, a thing of beauty and endless pontification. It's sweet nectar, from the very soils we walk on and never give a second thought too. 
Giving some back to earth is a symbolic gesture of gratitude , an acknowledgement of a grand design beyond our comprehension and an honouring to the earth and Mother Nature, a thank you, moment taken in time to acknowledge the wonder of it all, a time to say thank you for our blessings, which this is truly one.
This is also a celebration of man and nature working in Harmony to create something of true beauty.
Stephen Cipes,  Proprietor

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