Knifewear has quickly become an endeared centre for all things culinary, but particularly the most sacred tools to a chef or home cook of all - you guessed it by the name - knives. Kevin Kent, founder and owner of Knifewear, a company that has grown to 4 stores across canada (plus a Kent Of Inglewood store), partnered with his friend, the excellent film maker, food activist and farmer, Kevin Kossowan to make something that is already showing to be as elegant a film as the art the film makes a subject of, Japanese knife making, or blacksmithing.

Enjoy the feast for your eyes… and ears… this piece looks to bring you in to the world of the blacksmith in Japan - a place like so much of Japan and its culture for me - to a sacred and ancient world that meets us at the furthest edges of modern life. The Film launches late October / November 2014. We will continue the story with "the Kevins" then, when we visit the film creators at the Springhammer Kelowna Screening.

Click here for the Springhammer trailer:

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