Spot Prawn Season with Codfathers Seafood

The BC Spot Prawn – A Favourite Sustainable Seafood

Codfathers Seafood Market in Kelowna, prides itself on being a traditional fishmonger and providing the freshest, sustainably caught seafood in the valley.   A family-run business, Jon and Anne-Marie Crofts enjoy working with like-minded fisherman who share their passion for seafood, while conserving the oceans by using responsible fishing methods. 

One of the most sustainable seafoods in BC is the Wild BC Spot Prawn and for Jon at Codfathers for a few short weeks in May and early June, an exciting time of recognizing this BC delicacy.  Wild BC Spot Prawns are known around the world for their sweet, delicate flavor and firm texture.  They are most recognizable for their reddish brown colour, which turns bright pink when cooked, further defining the white spots on their tail and white horizontal bars on the carapace.

In BC, approximately 2450 metric tonnes of wild BC spot prawns are harvested annually, with about 65 percent of the harvest coming from the waters between Vancouver Island and the mainland.  They are available live during the harvest season which began May 8th and will last anywhere from six to eight weeks.

A real delicacy, with a somewhat premium price tag, the wild spot prawn is a unique species, found only in west coast waters.  It’s a rare carnivore among the mainly vegetarian prawn population, so it can be trapped, like a lobster or a crab, in a baited trap, and isn’t dragged from the ocean floor or farmed under questionable conditions like much of the other shrimp we enjoy.  Prawn fisherman spread baited traps along the rocky ocean floor at depths ranging from 40 to 100 metres.  This method has minimal impact on ocean habitat and very low levels of catching other species.  All this makes a spot prawn a truly sustainable seafood option.

Wild BC Spot Prawns are very popular in Japan and the rest of Asia, with over 90% of BC Commercial catch consumed there.  The remaining 10% are available to be enjoyed fresh in local BC restaurants and at various spot prawn events and dinners held in the province. 

Codfathers wants you to experience the sweet treat of a spot prawn.  On Saturday, May 24th from 11 – 4 pm they’ll be doing sampling in the shop and on Sunday June 1st you can enjoy Alfresco Vineyard Dining highlighting the spot prawn with Joy Road Catering at God’s Mountain Estate.  For information on the Alfresco dinner visit

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