Bacaro - A welcome sign from the god of Vino? - newly appears on Bernard Ave, Kelowna

Bacaro:  "The house of Bacchus", literally translated. A Bacaro is Italy's version of a tavern. 

As the sun rises in the original city of the first of many Bacaro, Venice is just waking up,  and so are its wine bars!  First comes a much needed morning espresso,  but shortly following that is the next Italian beverage of choice - Wine.  At Bacaro,  on Bernard Avenue in Kelowna, Ben Kilgour and team are honouring the tradition with a decidedly local Okanagan take, from brunch and lunch bites straight through to late night cocktails.

The international wine list will vary and so will the small plates that definitely borrow from the traditional cicchetti, but with their own tastes that highlight our regions flavours and seasons, sometimes with nods to Italy or Spain, and definitely delicious. Craft cocktails are promised with the high calibre bartender directing the bar program, who's name will remain shrouded along with the Chefs… for a few more weeks. Here we share with you a few scenes from the inside and a look at where you can find Bacaro, the house of the god of wine, in Kelowna. 

We will be following Bacaro through to their opening. Blessings from Bacchus!

By Tarynn Liv Parker

The Field Guide Editor

Situated across from The Sails with views of the lake and literally a hop and skip across to the beach and the new marina

Ben Kilgour is out with the Chef (not pictured) sourcing our best, at Green City Acres Urban Organic Farm tasting here with Farmer Curtis Stone at one of his greenhouses.

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