Into the Wild - Peachy Advice on Morel Foraging (and a Handful of Asparagus)

Enjoy a few quick facts and hints on Morel foraging brought to you from Rebecca Walker, Resident Mushroom Expert. Find her Saturdays at the Penticton Farmers' Market.

Larry Moran found 51 Morels in a peach orchard on Sawmill Road in Oliver BC Apr 23rd. The mushrooms favor peach orchards because of the sugar from the trees.  Plus last year's peach pits give them camouflage so they're harder to find.  In another orchard off old Golf Course Road Larry found 150 more Morels.  In the spring of 2012 larry and I found 30 pounds of morels in that same orchard.  Again it was a peach orchard.

So in the spring when you hunt for morels hunt first for peach orchards. That's the word on the mushroom patch.

By Rebecca Walker

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