Weekend Reservations: Poppadom's by Roslyne Buchanan

Flavours Pop at Poppadoms

Shake off the last of your winter doldrums and head to Poppadoms – Taste India! You’ll shed any blues as the hot colour tones of the room and the dynamic Dosanj family greet you.

The flavours pop with Indian-spiced influence in the best of farm-to-table cuisine. Don’t expect your standard Indian restaurant because the owners aren’t typical themselves. The Dosanj family moved from England and in 2009 opened Poppadoms having never ran a restaurant previously. They like to do things differently and their enthusiasm is contagious. Each family member has brought his or her own special gifts to the project and that’s great because they’re all highly talented.

The one quality they all share is the thirst for knowledge. To that end they’ve done things like contracted one of the most respected experts Chef Bernard Casavant to advise them. Jasmin has embraced WSET (Wine and Spirit Trust) training. Aman has rolled up her sleeves at other local restaurants such as Salted Brick on her days off. Jas puts herself out there in leading cooking classes. They are deeply committed to fresh, local cuisine and the Okanagan Chefs Association and all related projects. And Harry, well, there’s something about Harry. As bartender, he just keeps pushing himself to learn new things and is on a 3 for 3 winning streak at cocktail competitions. 

Then there’s the office lunch delivery service that Poppadoms offers in Tiffins – a stainless steel kit much like you’d find in India. Check out the Poppadoms website for all the details. Indian-inspired, Indian-spiced, call it what you will, the flavours pop and you’ll be glad you popped in to check it all out!

Open Tuesday to Friday, 11:30 am to 1:30 pm; Tuesday to Sunday, 4:30 to 9 pm; closed Monday.

Check out The Field Guide Poppadom's page for more info. 

By Roslyne Buchanan

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