Okanagan Block Co. - John Rousseau Local-Made Man Crafts Local-Made Cutting Boards Built For a Lifetime

BC Born and Summerland raised John Rousseau brought together his two passions - food and wood - in to one brilliant product. Okanagan Block Co is our local artisan's solution to the passionate cooks want for a perfect cutting surface. 

John has spent 6 years in the restaurant and hospitality world, and longer still as a home cook exploring his food passion. Wood brought him to the work table though. He's been successfully building and designing wood, stone and concrete projects for clients like Okanagan Crush Pad, Brodo Kitchen and high-end private homes unnamed. It was a natural for Okanagan Block Co. to manifest.

John hand-selects canadian woods from exotic walnut to maple from sawyers in the Frasey Valley who he describes as "wood hoarders with Gollum tendencies". They love each piece as though the wood has spirit. I would tend to agree, the wood does have spirit, especially brought out in these artisanal pieces. He prefers the control of unused wood, for knowing its curing history but he has on occasion repurposed wood for personal boards. The boards are engineered for lifetime use. He makes each piece as though it will pass on as an heirloom. Only the best FDA approved glues are used for the woods of quarter-sawn perfection. "These are serious kitchen tools for people who keep their knives sharp,"says John. I am honoured to have received my first Okanagan Block today. It has entered my family of life tools that will get old with me. Welcome Okanagan Block to my world/kitchen. 

Check out John's explanation of good board maintenance in our little impromptu video below. Because you know you are going to find yourself one of these boards, and you know you will want it for a lifetime. www.okanaganblock.co

By Tarynn Liv Parker

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