Young Agrarians' Mixer in Pictures

Remember these faces - they are your heroes.  Keeping the agrarian culture alive and growing in the new generations is a very noble undertaking - not an easy one - that's well organized by the Young Agrarians Organization, who are a part of Farm Folk City Folk who you may know of through the popular  Feast of Fields events.   
I had the pleasure to peak in on their intensive workshop sessions, where I heard conversations on everything from seed banks to record keeping, animal farming, and biodynamics. These arts really are critical in a time that we need to go back to a far less industrial decidedly local model of food sourcing. 
Thank you to all you Young Agrarians out there.  
Gabe Cipes Permaculturist
Dana Ewart of Joy Road Catering imparts her love for great farming with Jordan Marr of The Homestead Organic Farm
Sarah of Young Agrarians and Matt Gomez of Soil Mate
Jenica Frisque Woman of many 'goodness' commitees and movements

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