Saturday School: Olive Oil Merchants\' EVOO Tasting - Mia Papadopoulos

The logical place for an olive oil education is to start with a tasting. And this is what Teresa and Marco put together for their consumers, offering a chance to enjoy the high quality of showcased extra virgin olive oils. Whilst tasting a variety of oils from delicate to robust, we noticed the smells of fresh cut grass, cinnamon, nuts, and other aromas of ripe or green olive fruit. Like your favourite wine, extra virgin olive oil should taste of the place where it was grown and harvested. Try thinking of artichokes, herbs and grass as “fruit” when you taste olive oil. As Teresa warned us, the pungency varies from mild to intense, enough to make you cough. This is a positive characteristic of olive oil and is quite appealing once you become accustomed to it.
Two of the favourites from the tasting were:
Geraci, the popular choice in my home, is made purely form the Nocellara olive exclusive to Sicily. Intensely green, round and fresh tasting with a light pepper finish.
Franci Organic, a blend of Olivastra Seggianese, Leccino, Frantoio, and Moraiolo, organically grown and hand harvested. The aromas demonstrate an almost banana, olive fruity nose, opening to slight bitter green olive fruit to a hint of spice for a gentle finish.
We are fortunate to have access to the Olive Oil Merchant allowing us to savour rare, Italian olive oil.
I embrace the opportunity to experience olive oil first hand on my trip to Tuscany, stay tuned!
Culinary Contributor - Mia Papadopoulos

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