4 Years with Poppadoms... Plus - Handmake Rotis with Chef Jas Dosanj

Happy Birthday Chef Jas, Aman, Jasmin and Harry!
It's nearly four years now since the dynamic Dosanj family set out on the Poppadom's Taste Indiaadventure with their restaurant in Kelowna.  Now they have "best dish" and "best cocktail" titles and enjoy a passionately loyal following.  Poppadoms will be celebrating it's 4th birthday very soon, and the celebration starts next week when they collaborate for an evening in Summerland with Chef Lee Humphries for an indian inspired dinner that is close to both Local Lounge Chef Lee's and also the Dosanj's hearts. What is the connection? They are all Brits!  With a big Indian population in Engand the food is somewhat of a natural comfort to them all, of indian origin or not. They are calling it a night of Culinary Ayurveda.  Click here for a link to their Facebook Event for more info. 
Last season I had the pleasure of attending Poppadom's Summer Workshop with Chef Jas Dosanj (aka Mum to Aman, Jasmin and Harry). As a group we all had the opportunity to prepare a different dish from one of the culinary regions of India.  I prepared an incredibly delicate and fragrant Keralan Vegetable Stew.  We all ate family style, sampling each of the regional dishes prepared by our fellow students. The Keralan dish had my heart as it brought back memories of my impactful time in Kerala learning about Ayurveda 8 years ago... (it was one of the anchor points in my life that centered my heart and focus on nourishment)
What Poppadom's does differently than you may imagine is to stay very true to local sourcing, even for their exotic dishes. The spices are an import, but they are very carefully sourced for quality and freshness which when combined with the locally sourced product is the cornerstone of their complex, layered and beautiful cuisine. 
While you will have to sign up and attend one of their workshops to experience the full range for yourself, I am sharing some photos of the roti making with Chef Jas along with the classic, easy-to-make recipe for traditional roti here. Enjoy and hopefully see you in Summerland for the event or at the next workshop!
Fresh Roti Recipe:
1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour 
1 cup lukewarm water
1/2 tsp vegetable oil
*makes roughly 8 rotis
*Use fresh organic flour whenever possible. We suggest Wolfgang's Organic Grain and Flour, a local grain mill with a selection of organic grains including several ancient varieties.
Hands ON - use your hands to mix the water in to the dry ingredients. 
Divide the dough in to 8 servings, then flour your rolling surface, and flour the dough portions and get rolling
Chef Jas has a very great technique for keeping a perfect circle, I couldn't capture that in a still
Roll out your roti until it's about 7-9 inches wide and a few millimetres thick. 
Once your pan is warm, lay on the roti one at a time, at med-high heat letting both sides turn golden
You will know the roti is done when it turns in to a big pillow - turn off the heat and "slap" the roti puff down (most fun part) with your spatula
Serve with your favourite indian dish or whatever you please! 
Tarynn Liv Parker

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