Chardonnay Part 1 - By Hand on The Golden Mile with TH Wines

A photo story of September 29, 2013 - Tyler Harlton Wines Chardonnay Harvest - By Hand

Tyler has swollen hands, he says, from the past weeks of harvest.
Countless buckets of Chardonnay will come back to Summerland tonight. Each bunch touched.
This years challenge: beautiful fruit from a hot summer meets the wet September, making for delicate harvest conditions.
That's the Merlot in behind. This watchdog is apparently waiting for the perfect harvest date to let TH in. 
Tyler, Susie and Bruce
Locals and several quebecois are ready to fill the bins. 
Bruce, man of the vineyard
Between the rows, silence. Just the sound of the leaves and the rustling to get to the fruit.
The pickers are well trained to choose the optimal fruit
Tyler and Bruce watch the weather and the harvesters, economizing on the time before rainfall.
Working hard for the grapes
One bucket at a time
A home
The only tool needed
...besides these
The bins are getting full by 4 PM
Always tasting
The last buckets
Time for the truck pick up
The vines have done their work of the vintage... until next year :)

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