VFC - Vintner Farmer Chef at BRODO Kitchen

Congratulations Team VFC - Vintner Tyler Harlton of TH Wines, Farmer Jordan Marr of The Homestead Organic Farm and Chef Paul Cecconi of BRODO Kitchen.
The VFC evening was the first collaborative event that proprietors, Chef Paul and partner Holly have held at their new restaurant BRODO Kitchen on Penticton's 500 block of Main Street. 
Here is The Field Guide's photo account of their delicious, warm spirited evening of food, wine and community. There's rumour the trinity may pull another of these events off. We will keep you posted.
Chef Paul and team getting ready and discussing the game plan

Vanessa Samur, Farmer and Partner with Jordan Marr at The Homestead Organic Farm has a night to enjoy the bounty of their labour at the farm. She enjoys her first bite of Chef Paul's food inspired and formed by their organic produce.
Allison Markin of All She Wrote, tweeting it up, from "ground zero", straight from the TH Wines bottle. Always on the job!
Guests all received a copy of the first edition of The Field Guide's Okanagan Similkameen 100 Map to enjoy as they were seated and refreshed by Tyler Harlton Wines 2012 Viognier Pinot Gris.
First course, paired with Tyler Harlton Wines 2011 Rose, was made with and ispired by Farmer Jordan's broccoli. Chef Paul created a classic combination with an elegant asian twist, broccoli and cheddar perogies, they reminded me of gyoza. Delicious.
Chef Paul tells us about the dishes, and introduces the fourth course of the evening...
... Duck perfectly paired with Tyler Harlton Wines 2011 Cabernet Franc Merlot. Ver jus was made from the wine, and also accompanied by new beets delivered by Farmer Jordan earlier in the week that were freshly pickled for the dish. 
Farmer Jordan Marr and Lucy, The current Homestead Organic Farm apprentice who hails from England to learn organic farming, reflect on the evening, relaxed after the room emptied. Yes, that is Farmer Jordan in a tie. I don't expect I will see this again... or then again, maybe at the next VFC?!

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