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The Field Guide is the definitive guide to the beautiful regions we call home. Our online guide, mobile site, interactive trip planner, specialty maps and various publications expand the horizons of your trip. 

thefieldguide.ca is the online destination where the adventure begins. Create your itinerary and send it to friends on your Facebook page, print out a custom map of your own design and stick it to the office wall, and become a Scout when you send back field reports and photos to everyone that's sharing in your trip. We're dedicated to sketching the outline, and we leave it to you to create a memorable story. 

...So, this is what we do at the Field Guide. Now, let me personally welcome you to the adventure of local life in the valley.  

My life in the Okanagan started at my first breath taken in at the Penticton Hospital. Maybe that first breath of life really did anchor me to this place. I think it did. Maybe it also gave me that spark of magic that has always led me to take the more adventurous path. It sent me out in to the world, to a decade of life abroad in cities like New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai, LA or Vancouver. Or to the countryside in New York's Hamptons, or BC's Galiano Island. Wherever I have lived or visited, I've always related home back to this first place of origin.  Through the joy of other places and the relation between home and abroad, the next step became clear last year, that this was the time to get back to my place of magic, my power place, this Okanagan Valley, to set roots.  I was living in Vancouver, hopping in my car weekly to head up to the Okanagan Valley. Always bringing back tales of the adventure, and a trunk of wine and produce and anything else to keep the valley magic alive. It was simply time to reverse the order.

Now after a year of planning, building, and a life of local experiences to draw from, The Field Guide is ready for you. But this is just a start... Let it inspire you to get off the beaten path, and go deeper in to the experiences available here.  Get to know the chef, walk the vineyard, find indigenous foods, blaze a new trail, or follow a pioneer's footsteps.  The adventure is yours. Use the tools here, go have a great time, then come back and share it with us!

Thanks for being here in these early days of The Field Guide. We can't wait to continue the journey ahead with all of you.

Tarynn Liv Parker
Editor & Creator

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