Martin Lewis, on the Craft Beer Revolution

KVS Pub manager Martin Lewis recently hosted the book launch of Craft Beer Revolution. Author Joe Wiebe arrived in Penticton with copies of his book, and local brewers collaborated to make a cask of beer just for the occasion. KVS Pub is a fitting partner for Wiebe’s book--an insider’s guide to B.C. breweries--as it’s known for being the place to get authentic ale in the Okanagan. Here are Lewis’ thoughts on the Craft Beer Revolution.

Q. What’s the name of the cask beer we tasted at the book launch? How would you describe it? 

A. The beer we tasted was a collaboration ale made by the Cannery, Tin Whistle and Firehall breweries. It was a Belgian Wit style with additions of dark honey, hops and Valencia oranges soaked in Cointreau.

Q. What makes it a cask ale?

A. Cask ales are defined as real ale served from the cask that it was fermented in. They are naturally carbonated and unfiltered.

Q. Why was KVS Pub a suitable place for hosting Joe Wiebe’s book launch?

A. Joe chose the pub because of the experiences he had here during the Fest of Ale, namely our Murderers Row Cask event.

Q. What role does KVS Pub have in the Craft Beer Revolution?

A. The KVS Pub has worked hard to position itself as Penticton's home of craft beer. We have 15 taps, including a beer engine for cask ales and 2 rotating taps. We serve many craft beers that are special releases or firsts.

Q. What are your favourite craft beers and why?

A. Like all beverages I usually choose, something based on time of year and my mood. I guess Big Barley Wines and Imperial IPAs would be my favorite exploratory styles.

Q. Did you have a craft beer epiphany moment like Joe Wiebe?

A. As for myself, I don't know if I had an epiphany to speak of. I was exposed to real ales when I was quite young and have always loved big bold flavors.

Q. What do you think the craft beer world will look like in 5 years?

A. I think that in 5 years the craft beer scene in BC will start to look a little like Portland with 30+% of the market being craft beer. I think most people don't know that craft beer is really not new, but a recreation of what beer would have been like prior to prohibition.


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