NEW BOOK: OKANAGAN, a celebration of the Canadian wine region, by Tarynn Liv Parker

Tarynn Liv Parker, editor and creator of The Field Guide has created a new Okanagan "winetable" book, that celebrates our beautiful young wine region. In 168 pages and elegant hardcover full of landscapes, portraits and winery vignettes, she captures the essence of the valley and its wine culture. 

Jamie Maw, the well seasoned food and wine writer contributes wholeheartedly with a factual yet light, cheerful and often humorous Introduction and History. He kept a good eye on the word flow of the entire book too. Tim Pawsey, well known for his writings on wine and food that can be found in publications nationally, wrote the introduction.

You can find the book in many locations now, including several of the forty included wineries, Mosaic Books in Kelowna, Bolen Books in Victoria, Barbara-Jo's Books to Cooks in Vancouver, as well as several gift shops and other locations popping up quickly with their orders. 

Our new branch of The Field Guide, Okanagan Provisions has created gift collections that offer the book paired alongside our favourite wines and flavours of the valley. 

Enjoy! and find the book in our store here.

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