A Visit to FarmersDotter, Garlic Farm and Bakery, Similkameen

So thrilled for a chance visit to the home, bakery and farm of my favourite garlic and bread sellers at the Penticton Farmers' Market that I'm sharing a little of the magic at Yvonne Kosugi's and Morris Holmes' place with a few photos. Make sure to find them Saturdays at the market from 9 am to 1 pm in the 100 block of Main Street in Penticton. 


Morris Holmes Organic Garlic Farmer out in the field.


Yvonne Kosugi, Baker of the extraordinary sourdough loaves that I call my 'favourite' bread, and creator of their very popular FarmersDotterGarlic Scape Salt


Traditional french bread leavening forms, made from willow branches, give the mark of a good traditional sourdough by leaving the consentric circle pattern in the bread once it's baked.


A perfect host, Yvonne has a freshly baked cake ready for our arrival 


We enjoy the cake and coffee in the garden with Morris and Yvonne as they explain a few of the vignettes and corners of interest in the magestic and charming property, all visible from where we sit. Outdoor cob forno ovens, 


Each Friday of the Farmers' Market season Yvonne is in her farmhouse bakery preparing the 100's of loaves that sell out by noon the next day at the market. She's always sharing samples with their also farm made preserves such as my own favourite, whiskey peach jam. 

A piece of FarmersDotter sourdough bread fresh out of the toaster buttered with a heavy hand, and a scoop of whiskey peach jam is truly a delicacy.

*Little known fact: Research and good old 'folks honest tries' suggest that a traditionally fermented starter and sourdough will transform or break down the gluten that many people report sensitivities to these days. Organic flour (of heritage varieties) and ingredients will also lessen the occurance of so-called gluten sensitivity symptoms.  

See you at their delectable table on Main Street in Penticton this Saturday morning! 


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