Tamara Richardson, Entomologist, Crop Saver Extraordinaire

Tamara Richardson lives and works in the fairytale pretty and agriculturally abundant Similkameen Valley working with nature and her science degree to keep our crops healthy. We love her big smile, and her bent for all things tasty. We really love that she is a guardian of our precious Similkameen food and wine. As an entomologist, Tamara works with sustainable and organic solutions for balance and vitality of the fruits and vegetables of the fecund Similkameen valley.  This June on a photoshoot for Tamara's coming website we collected these photographs of Richardson and her team out in the field. 

A Picture Story:

Tamara Richardson, in the field


Signs she looks for when out in the orchards and farms


Ladybug, the perfect predator for aphids


Here Tamara, Shakes out evidence (or lack there of)

from the tree on to this white sheet to see what is living, breeding and eating in the tree.


Assistant Bug Master collects and records information


On a Similkameen Valley garlic farm, FarmersDotter Organics, the team pro-actively works with sustainable solutions to keep the crop healthy and pest free



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