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Well, it is here, September 1st. We have one weekend left to put on our white pants, to keep our kids out past their bedtime, to have a summer fling, and to just 'blame it all on summer'.

Admittedly, we love the late days of summer that promise an Okanagan Fall Wine Fest soon to come. And we love this time when the hectic days are behind us, leaving way for adventuring around the Okanagan and Similkameen with a little more focus and also in some ways, a more meaningful connection. Wine Tasting Rooms are less packed and naturally more available for deeper experiences of Okanagan wine. And restaurant reservations? - eazy-breezy, like the Okanagan is. Plus, our new Member Feature weekly series begins! You can get focused with your valley pride and learn about The Field Guide Members and their exclusive offerings. Often we will post special deals and events and we will always post the information you need to lead you in great exploration of all that is just outside your door. 

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Cheers and happy adventuring!

Tarynn Liv Parker


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