Wolf In The Fog at JoieFarm Winery

On September 12, 2015 Wolf In The Fog, voted Canada's Best New Restaurant in Canada in 2014 by the esteemed En Route Magazine, made a special trip to the Okanagan to share some Tofino and Island inspired love. 

Owner Heidi Noble and Joie Chef Benz Henrikson in front, Chef Nick Nutting
and Jorgé of Wolf In the Fog in back


Owner and Winemaker at JoieFarm Winery, Heidi Noble (former Chef herself) welcomed her Wolf In The Fog friends, Chef Nick Nutting and team out for a day at the farm winery and shared in a Kitchen Mash Up/Take over melding their combined talents together for one fine day in the late summer sun. It was my first opportunity to taste the delicious food genius coming out of Tofino. Thanks Joie, for making it happen! PS. I am quite sure it was the drop dead best value of the summer. Priceless. 

We share the story in pictures:

 First, the menu - 

Chef Nutting brought delicious lamb from the island for the menu feature


Chef Nick Nutting, Wolf In The Fog

Chef Nick Nutting, Wolf In The Fog

Chef Nick Nutting, Wolf In The Fog

Chef Nick Nutting with his island lamb 3 ways, 3 ways delicious.


Heidi Noble In The Kitchen

It's clear, Heidi is thrilled to be on the line with these guys, first time in a while moving from cellar to kitchen for this special collaboration. 


Jorgé imported from Wolf In The Fog in Tofino masterfully serves plates to the patio and picnic blankets covering the winery and vineyard in anticipation of a taste of tofino


Vegetarian options are gorgeous too.


Heidi Noble with Wolf In The Fog

GTO at Joie Farm Winery

Wolf In The Fog team arrive in style, in the old - and MINT - GTO parked out back #carmatchesthecoupe


Naramata locals loving the tofino takeover

Naramata locals digging in to the tofino takeover


Locals Amy and Carl enjoying the everyday ambience of a Joie Farm Picnic blanket with their Tofino food


Okanagan Picnic at Joie Farm

Tofino team take a moment to enjoy the Naramata life


Dorian at Joie Farm making music

That is Dorian on the left. You can find him most days serving in the Joie Tasting Room


21C Bar Nitro Magic

21C BAR at Joie Farm Winery Naramata

21CBar for Wolf In The Fog at Joie Farm Winery


21C Bar Craft Cocktails for WOlf In The Fog at Joie Farm Winery Naramata

Wolf In The Fog meet Spirits In The Trees, Fog in the Cocktail - by 21C Bar, local itinerant bar



JJ Skidmore, Hospitality Manager at Joie Farm Winery in for a cocktail


Micah Jensen Bartender

Micah Jensen and Ben Ouellette, both locally famed craft bartenders made their way from Kelowna for the event


Chef Nick Nutting of Wolf In The Fog at Joie Farm Winery

The kitchen slows down and Chef Nick - now Wolf In The Tree - has some time  to enjoy the Naramata splendour


Thanks to all the team at Joie Farm Winery for hosting and thanks Chef Nick Nutting and the Wolf In The Fog team for making the journey, and sharing some island goodness with us.
Tarynn Liv Parker




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