Dominion Cider Lights It Up, With Their Summerland Debut On The Farm this Weekend!

Welcome Dominion Cider to Bottleneck Drive and the community of Summerland this weekend during the annual town light up and Summerland wineries associations 5th annual event, Light Up The Vines! It'll be their first Okanagan debut in the Okanagan after their very first "vintage" release of the fresh dry artisanally crafted Apple Cider made from local heritage varieties.

Opened by three close friends, these three gentleman who grew up in the countryside, Robin Cairns in Southern England, Luke Cyca in Saskatchewan and Mike Harris right here in Summerland, wished to start a company that brought that rural spirit to their lives today. This new company who's day is that of hard work cidermaking from scratch brings those enduring country values alive. 

For locally raised Mike Harris, this is a homecoming long in the making. He and his wife Leslie bought the old Valentine Farm and now the three friends, Cairns, Cyca and Harris have employed the old quonset hut and farm surrounds to their craft cider production facility. They invite you this weekend on Friday and Saturday from 3-8PM both days to take in the Dominion experience and get to know your new neighbours, people we are proud to call our friends. 

The evenings festivities will include:

  • This farm's got vines!  And they will be lit-up - the grapes from the vines go in to the making of their neighbour Saxon Winery's  wines.
  • The cidery building will be open for you to tour and learn more about the Dominion cider-making process.
  • On-site tasting room open for free tastings and to purchase Dominion Cider.
  • Gather round the farm's outdoor fire and enjoy a hot apple cider - a batch made with Dominion Cider (obviously!) and a non-alcoholic variety available at your choosing.
  • Craft cider, hot apple cider and tasty snacks will be available at the outdoor “Handlebar”


Here's a quick introduction to Dominion Cider in pictures, who we were thrilled to photograph this year through harvest and bottling. We got to really see what goes in to our new favourite Summerland Cider! 














See you at Dominion Cider this weekend! 


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