Eric Fourthon, Master Cooper

Master Cooper Eric Fourthon is well-known in the Canadian wine industry, as his hands have shaped the barrels for the finest cellars of British Columbia and Ontario, as supervisor of Okanagan Barrel Works and proprietor of private label Ceres. To get a better idea of why Fourthon is a cooper of repute, The Field Guide caught up with him at his workplace Okanagan Barrel Works in Oliver.

Erin Trainer, Penticton Farmers' Market Success

Every Saturday morning at 8:30, a loyal following of customers spills onto the 100 block of Main Street, criss-crossing to make purchases at their favourite market stands. It's an example of food security in action, with local consumers connecting with local producers, but to the devoted customers it's about quality. Penticton Farmers' Market has built a reputation for quality, creating a unique space for vendors and consumers who value it. 

The Field Guide caught Market Manager Erin Trainer in action last Saturday, as she was busy promoting new members via Twitter.

Jeannette Montgomery, Curating M Gallery | Book

M Gallery | Book is the place to pick up the work of an emerging Canadian writer or artist from the curated selection of gallery owner Jeannette Montgomery. It's also part of the Main Street buzz, a core of independent businesses working in loose collaboration to improve the cultural experience in Penticton.

Ezra Cipes, Rabbi Hecht and 5 Barrels of Tiferet

The story of 2012 Tiferet begins with the relationship between Rabbi Shmuly Hecht, a devoutly religious young Jewish man who has recently moved to the Okanagan from Brooklyn, and myself. I am not religious, but I did have a bar mitzvah... and a bris. Together we are endeavouring to make the worlds first (I'll have to verify that claim) certified organic, uncooked kosher wine.

The Homestead Organic Farm on CSA

Jordan Marr of The Homestead Organic Farm: The Value of a CSA In retrospect, it was overly ambitious--naive too, and a tad presumptuous--to establish a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in the first year of our farm business in the Okanagan. Vanessa and I had just relocated from Vancouver Island...

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