Okanagan Inspired

This is always a really special month to me, October. The light is gorgeous. All I want to do is go out and get lost with my camera, in awe of the transition powerfully taking place.

From the year's brilliant force of life harvested in our abundant crops of agricultural produce and grapes, we watch the canopy of green turn gold, amber, burgundy through browns to black, as it all faithfully comes back to earth in the equally darker months of winter where it ferments like the Okanagan wine in barrel and tank, until it transforms in to purified brightness again in the spring months. Amazing. I'm moved every year.

And something else happens in this month of October... I say goodbye gracefully and in awe of the splendour, to the past year, like all the flowers and the green that turns in its beautiful journey through the colours to black. It is my birthday at the tail end of this favourite month of mine. I've noticed that many great things begin for me in this transformational time of the year. I plant my intentions, and let the winter months and my work do their thing... They surely do bloom with life as Spring begins.  This years intentions to build on are all about INSPIRATION. 

So, for my birthday I am asking for all of you to tell me who inspires you.  Please send me a quick email through our online contact form- it can be a one line email or a longer story, of that person's name and their business, art, focus or any other inspiring accomplishment that you have enjoyed or been moved by in the Okanagan. 

I will be sharing an Okanagan Inspired story monthly and hope to share the story that moves you! Here is the link to share again :)

Happy Fall Everyone!

Tarynn Liv Parker

Editor and Creator of The Field Guide