True Grain Celebrates Canada’s Agricultural Heritage

True Grain Celebrates Canada’s Agricultural Heritage

Award winning craft bakery launches Canadian Heritage Series of freshly stone milled BC grown organic flour

Summerland, BC

For well over a century, Canada has been widely recognized as one of the global leaders in grain production. In honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, True Grain, an organic craft bakery with locations in Cowichan Bay & Summerland, recently launched its Canadian Heritage Series of organic flour which shares the story of Canada’s rich grain heritage.

Owner Todd Laidlaw explains, “For Canada 150, we wanted to pay tribute to generation after generation of hardworking Canadian grain farming families who helped establish Canada as the breadbasket of the world. Red Fife, Marquis, & Bishop were grains they grew from the mid 1800’s to mid1900’s. We’re celebrating their success by bringing these same grains back. Our Canadian Heritage Series allows our customers to learn an important part of Canada’s agricultural heritage, while enjoying baked goods made from the same Canadian heirloom grains as their ancestors.” Owner Bruce Stewart added, “Our customers value real food grown on a local farm. We work closely with our organic BC farming community to bring to market ancient grains like Einkorn, Emmer, Khorasan, & Spelt, so a Canadian Heritage Series was a natural extension for us. To experience a true taste of Canadiana, we invite you to stop by True Grain on your next visit to the Cowichan Valley or Okanagan Valley.”

While the essence of True Grain is handcrafted organic bread and pastries, they also sell cookies, crackers, croutons, pasta, pancake mix, & the widest assortment of organic flour in all of BC. True Grain has retail bakeries in Summerland (est. 2012) and Cowichan Bay (est. 2004) and True Grain flour is available in many BC grocery stores and available to craft bakeries throughout BC.


True Grain Bread is an Old World inspired European bakery specializing in fresh, local, organic, handcrafted bread. They have long been pioneers of food sustainability and awareness. True Grain Bread is a beacon for unbelievable breads, from-scratch baking, organics, sustainable business practices, farm to table partnerships, and community engagement.

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