Hermit Mountain Initiation

This hike felt like a true initiation with the Mountain. I met that Hermit as I walked through his nature to the intensely straight-up line to the Summit. 

Hermit Mountain is a 3,050-metre mountain summit located in Glacier National Park, in the Hermit Range of the Selkirk Mountains in British Columbia, Canada. Hermit Mountain is situated 64 km northeast of Revelstoke, and 39 km west of Golden.

The trail has elevation gain of 2000ft/820m in just 3.2kms. Its so packed with intensity that ranges from its stunning beautiful views to its hardcore workout. 

I hiked the trail this day, with Wilco (our dog), but I would like to go back to trail run it. Once I was at the top I had a hard time leaving it. I felt very united with mountain, an intiation in to that frequency of nature which the Hermit gifts us hikers.  

There was a crew of hikers camping at the summit. I'd love to try that someday.

As I always try to do, here is the Strava link - On Strava I share a lot of photos :)