Scenic Canyon Trail - Mission Greenway

Scenic Canyon Trail can be accessed via a 16km hike from the beginning of Mission Greenway in Kelowna, or you can take a drive up to South Kelowna just past Gallagher's Canyon to Field Road (we love that name :D ) to find an easy access point that will drop you straight into this glorious little nature portal.

The creek was flowing well on this sunny spring day and we found a nice crop of wild False Solomon's Seal aka Lily Spears, which are a delicious wild edible. We had a great 6km trail run out to the Rock Ovens (the amazing rock walls seen here in the photos) and back to Field Road. The spring blossoms (saskatoon especially) filled the air and the birds were chirping. 

Check out the Strava Route for easiest access!

Happy Exploring

Tarynn, Matt and Wilco


Pinnacle at Gallagher's Canyon
Lily Spears, False Solomon's Seal
False Solomon's Seal *disclaimer, don't go out an eat these unless you have had serious training to understand how to identify these. Ask @kelownaforager :)
Scenic Canyon
Scenic Canyon at Rock Ovens
Scenic Canyon at Rock Ovens
Scenic Canyon at Rock Ovens