Classic Gremolata

You can make gremolata many ways, but the classic recipe comprises these three ingredients; lemon zest, garlic and parsley. It's parsley's place to shine in the sauce world. It is traditionally meant as an accompaniment to meats, but I love to use it just about everywhere, including here on this Gonfietti (shown in photo below)


Zest of half a lemon
3 large cloves of garlic
14 stems of flat leaf parsley
3 tbsp olive oil
salt to taste (it depends on the dish you serve it with so think first before salting)


Finely chop the parsley leaves, and include a couple of the stems in the chop. Smash your garlic gloves, then finely mince and quickly sautee them at medium heat in the olive oil, so they are just cooked, not brown. Add the parsley to the garlic and oil. Turn off the heat right away. Transfer to a small bowl, microplane (finely grate) half a lemon into the mixture. Serve with anything you like, enjoy!