Eat With Your Eyes

Apricots and Padrones

With Mid Summer ( I consider this a new season ) coming into full swing, it really is the time to just eat what looks good. The market tables of these caring farmers always seem to take such care in presenting their produce. I'd guess it is because they are the ones who really do know all these food's value the best. I have been soooo busy this week that I am making this week's blog post short and, sweet like the overflowing fruits of the season. This week's journal is a visual one. I will finish with this for a little meditation though... Studying Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, one learns what the eyes do for our appetite, or spirits and emotions. Consider this as you cast your glance on your foods. Enjoy what you see? Eat it. Don't enjoy what you see? Well, consider before you make that food part of you... :) 

Nice Tomatoes

Sold Out at Market

Russian Garlic and Dill, Organic

Early Summer Onions

Tomatoes in Duck Fat with Tarragon

BlackBird Organics Eggs in Janice's Family-Famous Quiche

Quiche to end all other Quiche

Dinner attire

Oliver Okanagan Char

Venison Meatballs and Grass-Fed Only meatballs inspired by Sammi Tamimi

Apricots and Cherries on Forbes Farm table


Mom's at the Market with me

Sauteed Cherries

Market Table, transition from Early Summer to Mid-Summer


white wine Grilled Peaches

Picking Basil

Handcut Tagliatelle

Spiralized Zucchini

Peach Zucchini Pancetta Tagliatelle


Peaches in Bourbon and Honey, with a Sauteed Onion, making sauce

Apricots and Padrones at Market

Apricots and Padrones, as found on table, what grows together goes together

Sterling Eats a Padrone