Half Way

Tarynn and Nick at the Ranch


Half way. 6 months into 12 months, a year of market, farm and wild only eating.  I am so thrilled and a little speechless for what incredible evolution has occurred since the start in early April. I have been eating like this for years, loosely though. But this year, in which I have truly created a relationship with my food, via commitment and compassion, I honestly can report from here at my halfway benchmark, I fell in love with Nature. Not Food. There is flavour based eating, then there is love based eating. My whole being is satisfied by love based eating. Just as my intuition told me, as I started this journey, just as my life began underfoot of my two Grandmas, my Mother and my Aunt who lived to nurture us, the food is a vehicle for love, and the roots trace back for me especially (if not completely), to Mother Earth. Such an awakening to viscerally feel how I love and desire balance and goodness, over flavour, but actually, in that commitment for love, there is more flavour and “taste” than I could ever have expected. I can’t wait for the next 6 months, if this is what the first 6 felt like. I hope you all can unearth some of this same experience as you nurture yourselves, and the friends and family you love.


Tarynn and Sacred Heart, Onion