Slow Down, Plant Roots

I always say, #slowfood and #slowliving in my posts and in my description of ways of approaching life, whether it is food or any other everyday life experience. 


Siegelinde Potato Heart


I think it is a good time to explain what I mean by using these terms, in this season that is one of slowing down. Literally, the molecules get slower as the earth cools down. I enjoy the seed of this idea and the reflection. 


Full Term Pregnancy in garden


The experience of being, deep soulful being, isn't one of hovering in the moment at the surface. Every moment is an opportunity to plant the deep roots of our being in the very moment of any experience. This requires fearlessness and a lessening of expectations. To be fearless though, first we have to have awareness and stability. Awareness comes from being mindful of how we build our foundation in life, how we nurture and sustain ourselves. As we build the connections with our sources, we gain trust and wisdom. Stability comes from commitment and steady connection with building and sustaining our foundation. Once we have this foundation, we naturally shed fear and we can finally arrive in the moment, ready to be grounded in it, with deep roots, unearthing a quality of joy not known before.



These deep roots are the ones that bear the sweetest richest fruit in our lives. 


Graham Duncan Grapes


As you gain awareness of your food sources, you build compassion and connection. When you turn away from awareness of your food, like say, by eating toxic foods or mistreated animals, you are breaking the steadiness of your commitment - you know you are because you can't hold a connection to something sick, without you yourself becoming sick. It is a weak relationship. Your stability is shaken and then, you can't built that foundation, and you can't send those roots of being down as deeply. The fruits of your life just aren't quite as sweet... you see? 


Fallen Tree


Stay the course! Reap the rewards :)


Bowl of Cherries