The Market Cook Begins


Thanks for finding my running journal off-instagram :) This is my first blog post. Welcome! While the most coverage will be in the instant, as found at @themarketcook, I will be sharing some of my recipes and techniques here that will help you once the book is finished and in your market-shopping hands. 

It's been about two months now and I can't tell you what pure joy I have found in sourcing my food from the markets and direct from farmers, winemakers and other artisans. 

The first thing I want to share with you is my personal revelation that there are a lot more than four seasons. Weekly I go to the market, and see similar ingredients as the last, with some new coming in, and early Spring foods moving out. Without realizing it precisely, asparagus has made its graceful exit though, for yet another year. We will long for it again soon, if not already. Early strawberries are among the first bright fruit to show up as the asparagus makes room for these next stars. All the while funghi like morels may or may not make a strong appearance depending on the year and the several events that could make or break their proliferation.  There is no strong boundary to the seasons. No date to count on, so each market day is a one-time opportunity for just this unique moment in time and its offered mix of flavours. Amazing. I am in love. While in the middle of spring, I already miss it, almost tragically in love with my tender mid-spring greens, because I know they will grow up and become early-summer greens, then mid-summer. You see, there are many seasons, all beautiful. I sort of feel like, if I blink I will miss one. So I've got my eyes wide open :) See you at the market.