Home In The Okanagan TFG 100 Guides

Explore the Okanagan, and make it HOME.  Tarynn's newest Home In The Okanagan Guides cover the regions of the Okanagan from South to North, so your relocation, vacation, or staycation, is effortlessly guided to be the best experience of the valley. Each guide -- South, Central and North Okanagan -- gives you the TOP 100 experiences, products and services you need for the best of Okanagan living. The new guides are in production now, to be released August 2022.  Reserve your copy! For instant real estate advice and info, call Tarynn now

Find Tarynn's books, maps, infographics and other publications geared for Okanagan exploration here. They're made for your reference on the coffee table, phone, book shelf, and handbag or briefcase.