About TFG

The Field Guide Real Estate Experience

The Field Guide appreciates the local Okanagan lifestyle and culinary culture through several mediums: We have published our online Journal at thefieldguide.ca as well as our Top 100 Map of the Okanagan's best food, wine, beer, spirits, hotel stays and craft and artisanal products.  And of course with "Okanagan" Wine Books, I&II, we have thoroughly celebrated the Okanagan.

Tarynn created The Field Guide when she paused her real estate license in 2011.  The Field Guide is undergoing a transformation that will launch June 2022 :) Founder Tarynn is bringing her multi-decades-spanning real estate journey into The Field Guide to share an integrated experience of Okanagan real estate and good living. After creative adventures, a real estate tech start up, and some creative work done in the field of real estate, Tarynn is a licensed Realtor again, proudly with one of the top real estate groups in BC, REMAX Vernon Salt Fowler

Alongside the customary and anticipated TFG sharing of culinary experiences, Tarynn is now making her real estate services available. The art of living in the Okanagan is and always has been at the core of The Field Guide. Tarynn can help you find your place here, or market and sell your home in the Okanagan!  Tarynn is planning for TFG activities and experiences that are hosted by Tarynn, and some by her friends and community members. They're all meant to give you the greatest experience of making a HOME IN THE OKANAGAN. 

Our History

Tarynn Liv Parker established The Field Guide in 2012, with its first major launch of thefieldguide.ca and the first TFG Top 100 Map in the Spring of 2013. Since, the pages of thefieldguide.ca have multiplied  as Tarynn and visiting contributors explore and share the delicious findings of the region.  

In 2015, The Field Guide published a 168 page hardcover book entitled 'OKANAGAN, A Celebration of The Canadian Wine Region' which has already found a home on 1000's of coffee tables and bookshelves that were sold through several of the 40 wineries who are featured in the book as well as many other gift and book shops province wide.  In 2017, "OKANAGAN II, Celebrating The Terroir of the Canadian Wine and Culinary Region"was released . In addition to 40+ wineries we expanded the book to include some of the great culinary talents who express terroir on a plate; chefs, hunters, and home cooks plus cideries, distilleries and breweries.

In 2016 Tarynn produced "The Spirit Of The El", a luxury coffee table book for the Okanagan heritage property, Hotel Eldorado, which features a colourful history of the storied hotel, with lifestyle tips and recipes offered in the spirit of The El, for today's guests and frequenters.

In 2017 and 2018 Founder, Tarynn Liv Parker,  engaged in a new project, The Market Cook, where she aimed to discover "what she is made of", by way of eating only from farmers' markets, farms and local makers for a year, which began in April of 2017 and finished in May of 2018.  As both a culinary and spiritual journey for Tarynn, she discovered her connections and also her disconnections with food and the world's food systems. The journey was a healing revelation and painful eye opener. Find the blog here in The Field Guide pages or on instagram @themarketcook. She has hopes to finish her book of recipes and reflection, when the time is right :)