Oyama Yoga

We can now offer scheduled classes and private meditation or yoga bookings  (small groups only) at our beautiful outdoor location steps off the Rail Trail above Wood Lake at our home in Oyama. We have outdoor classes Monday thru Saturdays from May 1- September 18. New scheduled classes will pop-up as Covid fades. Tarynn hopes to share many opportunities in the future - from visiting teachers and guides to new class options.

About Tarynn

Tarynn has been a certified Yoga Teacher and has worked and lived in the realms of the healing arts and sciences since 2002 (likely a little earlier than that ;) ). She has lived and taught in New York, Hong Kong, Paris, Shanghai and in Vancouver, where she opened her Yoga studio, The Breathing Room on Commercial Drive.  She's studied TCM, Ayurveda, and various other healing arts and sciences, with certifications in Reflexology, Reiki, Spiritual Life Coaching, and energy and healing work, but her most precious knowledge comes from the study of India's Vedic wisdom, the Sacred Mystery Schools, Ageless Wisdom Teachings, Surya World Organization, and from the Arcane School. True wisdom comes from within, by meditation. There's no higher way, especially with a living guide, the inner Guide, and always with love in one's heart. Tarynn has benefitted from profound guidance from her mentor and friend Stephane Chollet, who founded Surya World, an organization based in France with locations from India to the Reunion Islands and Montreal. Tarynn's reverence for this guidance can hardly be expressed by words.

After reflection through this year of Covid, enjoying the hermitage of solitude, she's called more than ever to share her practice. With the integration of Yoga, art and nature as a self-healing method which combines physical practice, time in nature, conscious consuming, and meditation at its very core, she's offering the art of living with The Field Guide platform. 

Learn about a couple of Tarynn's teachers and organizations nearest and dearest to her via these links shared below. Namaste and Love to you all.

Surya World

Arcane School

Sri Premananda Ashram


Isa Visva Prajnana Trust

Global Energy Parliament

Sri M

Resonance Science Foundation

Integral Theory