Oyama Yoga Directions

Thank you for coming out to  Oyama Yoga at the Wood Lake yoga pad! 

Here are the logistics for:

When To Arrive 

Please arrive at the Yoga pad 5 minutes before class to settle in. Earlier if you would like, that works too!

Rail Trail Arrivals: This means you should give yourself 10 minutes buffer  if you are walking up from the Rail Trail. This way Tarynn can bring others down from upper road access to meet you at around the same moment. 

Broadwater Road Arrivals: See Tarynn at the top gate (see picture below) 10 minutes before class so she can show you where to park, and we can walk to the pad 100m down the drive together. Once you have been here once, you won’t need to worry about meeting at gate, you can just park :)


How To Get Here

By Road:

13350 Broadwater Road . Here is a google maps pin :) and a pic of the house and driveway where we will meet :)  Tarynn will be at the gate to show you where to park. Next time you visit you can go straight to the parking area :) 

The Field Guide HQ

Turn down toward the lake down the drive on right side of the house (there’s a tiny trailer at corner of property):

This is the gate we will meet at, and you will drive down past the orchard toward the lake to park.


By Okanagan Rail Trail:

The yoga pad is close to the Rail Trail but it is a short steep trip up, so we don't suggest trying to bring your bike up! We are working on some options to solve this but for now, your option is to lock up your bike at the Ribbleworth Falls Park beside our our gravel drive on the Rail Trail. This small park is just 25m north of our drive with metal signs and benches you can lock up to.


We are the first path north after Ribbleworth Falls at KM 23 of the trail. Here is a picture of the park at the falls, and of the entry to our steep drive. Don't worry, its only one switchback up the drive. You will be warmed up by the time you get here. Bonus! 


Ribbleworth Park KM 23 Rail Trail

Ribbleworth Falls Park at Km 23, looking north - we are 25m ahead...


this image is a pic of the drive. It is just 25m or so from the Ribbleworth Falls and KM 23 sign. 

I put these silly signs up (white pieces of paper), in hopes they won't blow away. They are stapled to roots on the driveway, about 10m up! Its like an easter egg hunt!  


You will come around one switch back and then head up one more little steep slope and you will see the yoga pad there :) 

Oyama Yoga Pad

evening view at the pad - its wonderfully worth the hike up from OKRT :D 


What To Wear

Wear comfortable stretchy clothes and wear layers so you are comfortable in warm or cool weather! Part of being outside, is also being vulnerable to it, while still prepared :) Wear shoes that are good for walking. shoes will be off for the rest of class though. Keep socks handy! 

What To Bring

1. Bring 1 or 2 yoga mats, as we are outdoors on a wood surface, you might like the stability of 2 mats but it is entirely up to you. 1 works just fine. 

2. Meditation classes** Bring a throw blanket or a towel as a prop to sit on during meditation. I will have a few blocks in case for your knees. Also, if you are not comfortable sitting cross legged for more than 10 minutes, I am very happy to report that our yoga deck has great edges that you can sit at to find a comfortable meditation position.

3. Bring a bottle of water. Bring a mask, but rest assured, outdoors I think we are ok to take them off once settled on to our mats. Just mind each other's space. 

See you soon! Message me on Facebook if you have any questions! I will keep phone handy for any directional issues.

Thanks everyone,