Open Practice In Nature (Self-Led Drop-In)

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Do you have an ongoing practice that you want to bring outdoors? Share space with others in silent Satsang, Monday to Friday 8-10:30AM. Tarynn will lead you to the Pad then from there, you are free to lead your own practice in silence. Feel free to consult with Tarynn about any issues coming up from your practice, and she may have insights or suggestions.  Any yoga, meditation or other silent practice warmly encouraged. Please ask Tarynn by email about any questions about your practice, if she isn't at the pad after the session, as she may have an appointment at home, by Zoom or other.

Benefits of Self-Led practice

Ultimately, the work you do on the mat or meditation cushion is solo. Gaining trust in your inner guidance, in your own breath timing, and building a practice for yourself is the real goal of learning from teachers.  

Benefits of Satsang (coming together as an intentional group)

The resonance of a group's power can't be understated. Often parts coming together make more than the sum of those parts (everyone in class). Raise your good vibes by sharing in the frequency of a shared intention (intention: raising the frequencies!)

Benefits of practicing on the Oyama Yoga Pad

The pad is free of electricity. There are no power lines, man-made technology or traffic nearby. The only foot traffic are deer and other furry and feathered friends. You are blissfully situated in nature overlooking Wood Lake. It is an ideal place to get your energy fields back into balance. 



Respect the silence from the gate (you will understand which gate once you have been here once) down to the pad, for the duration of 8-10:30am. After that we are very happy for you to share and get to know each other. The pad will be open for you to hang out and drink your water, tea or have a snack if you brought one. You are welcome to show up at any time between 7:45 to 10am. You don't have to be here for the entire duration. It's your time :)  Space is limited, so book in advance. 

 *Make your morning in Oyama even more beautiful and arrive from Okanagan Rail Trail. Our meditation location is directly off of the Okanagan Rail Trail just 100m north of Ribbleworth Falls (Kilometre 23). Once you are signed up we will send you an email with directions either driving or arriving from the Rail Trail. 

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