The Field Guide Editorial & Photoshoot

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Once a TFG member, the editorial story and photoshoot service is available to you. We want to write stories and take pictures of what is important, unique, fun and of the highest quality from your service, experience and product line. 

This service includes a photo shoot, with the photographs available for your own use after the story has published.  We will write a unique story in our OWN words with a selection of around 10-15 images accompanying the story.  The story will link back to your profile on TFG, where all of your contact information is easily available :) 

Once we have published the story we will make the bank of images available to you. There will be additional photographs beyond those used for the editorial on our Journal. We will upload 30-50 finished edited images in high resolution, available for you to use as you wish. Of course, we'd love a photo credit but the images will be owned by you.

The value of this service is manifold. Exposure, brand alignment with the best of the valley and a photoshoot worth its price in multiples make this a deal you can't refuse. 

TFG MEMBERS: Purchase this option now, and we will be in touch within 24 hrs to book your interview and photo shoot. If you have a specific date in mind, such as a planned event, email us to be sure we are available. 

NON MEMBERS: Make sure that you are a member already, and if not, please email us so that we can review your business and (fingers crossed) enroll you as a member. Do not purchase this until you have been enrolled as a member. 

CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS:  Please email us if you feel that your charitable cause or event would be a valuable addition to our pages as well as our exposure being of value to your cause. We cover charitable events often so please get in touch with your sponsorship queries.